Along the highway、Airport、High Speed ​​Rail、Landmark Media、Urban media

  • 2013 Year

    The company was established in May 2013

  • 8000 One

    Various media resources exceed 8,000

  • 4000 10,000 yuan

    Registered capital 40 million yuan

  • Sichuan Shu Road Culture Media Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Shu Dao Media") was established in May 2013,Established by the Shu Road Traffic Service Group directly affiliated by Shu Dao Group,Registered capital 40 million yuan,It is the only state -owned enterprise in the only professional operating cultural and media business in Shu Road Group,Mainly 2024 European Cup Football Websiteengaged in billboard construction operation、Brand planning、Cultural and Creative Design、Decoration beautification、Exhibition production and other businesses,It is a member of the China Advertising Association、Vice President Unit of the Sichuan Provincial Advertising Association、Vice Chairman Unit of Chengdu Advertising Association,The title of "China First Class Advertising Enterprise", "China High -quality Outdoor Media", "Sichuan Provincial First Advertising Enterprise", "Sichuan Top Ten Media Enterprises" title。

    The company is the main body of the development of the cultural media business of Shu Road Group,undertaking the highway within the group、Railway、TOD project、Real Estate Commercial Property and other types of advertising media resources,Unified investment、Construction、Operation new media resources。Established the development positioning of creating a head enterprise in transportation media operations,Single pillars along the existing highway in the province、Bridge billboard,Service Area、Airport、The light box and poster box of the high -speed rail station,Urban commercial networking screens and other media resources over 8,000,Annual communication covers 1.5 billion people,Basically, the connection of the inner road in the road、The multi -media industry 2024 European Cup live score results bettingstructure combined with traditional and new technologies,It will vigorously promote the construction of the "two networks and three platforms",Establish an outdoor traditional media network and Internet new media network,Build an advertising release platform、Cultural Communication Platform、Cultural media investment platform。At the same time,Actively promote the implementation of strategies such as "Travel Travel Integration", "Rural Revitalization", "Service Area+",Make full use of the public welfare advertising carrier,Vigorously promote the spread of local specialty products and regional brands,Actively publicize the spirit of various policies,Promote the core values ​​of socialism,Transmit brand power,Help regional economic and social high -quality development。

    Car rental

    Sichuan Shu Road Cultural Media Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Shu Dao Media") was established in May 2013,Established by Shu Dao Investment Group directly affiliated by Shu Road Traffic Service Group,It is the only state -owned company that specializes in car rental operation management,Mainly engaged in car rental、Business travel and other businesses。

    The company is the vice president unit of the Sichuan Automobile Leasing Association、Executive Director Unit of Sichuan Provincial Road Transportation Association、Sichuan Province、Chengdu City -level official 2024 European Cup live score results bettingvehicle designated leased units、China Tourism Vehicle and Boat Association 4C certification unit、Eight consecutive Provincial People's Congress designated service units。

    The company's own vehicle has more than 600 units,Complete models (5-55 seats),25 cooperation outlets in the province,OEM、4S shop、More than 100 resource suppliers; since the start of the national official vehicle reform in 2015,The first successful winning bid "fixed car rental project in the provincial -level unit in Rong",And successively won the bid for Guangyuan City、Mianyang City、Panzhihua City, including more than 30 places Local -level government official car bidding project。As of January 2023, the cooperative customers exceeded 700,Cover the whole province,Radiation nation; for ten years,Cumulative safety driving mileage 60000000 km,Receive the Provincial People's Congress、Provincial Health and Health Committee、More than 30 articles for customer units such as the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions。Services of more than 700 customers,Including party and government organs、Institutions、State -owned Enterprise Central Enterprise、Medical Scientific Research Institutions、College、Listed companies and other important units。

    Council for conferences since 2013、Business、More Bet on today's European Cup matchesthan 600 times for large -scale travel services such as official duties。

    • 600 remaining

      The company's own vehicle has more than 600 units

    • 25 One

      25 cooperation outlets in the province

    • 100 Yu Jia

      More than 100 resource suppliers

    • 700 Home

      Cooperative customers exceed 700

    Main business scope

    Car rental

    Green Travel

    Mourning Travel Travel

    Commodity bus

    Customized travel

    Contact information

    • Company Address:

      Chengdu Jinjiang District Industrial Park No. 163 Sanda Core Block A 3rd Floor
    • Market expansion is responsible:

      Ms. Xiao 18628017996
    • Market Development Commissioner:

      Mr. He 18280265811
      Mr. Zhang 15208389357
    • Safety Technical Management:

      Mr. Wang 18782208886