Adopt the "joint venture+self -employment" mode,In "Oil、Qi、Electricity In the field of creation "Shu Road Energy" brand

  • 162 seat

    162 seats at the battalion gas station1

  • 7 seat

    Charging outside the camp (replace) power station 7

  • 4 seat

    Build 4 LNG gas stations

  • Adopt the "joint venture+self -employment" mode,In "Oil、Qi、Electricity In the field of creation "Shu Road Energy" brand,It has steadily developed into the largest refined oil retail enterprise。162 seats at the battalion gas station1,Road outside the road (replacement) 2024 European Cup Online Football Bettingpower station 7,Build 4 LNG gas stations

    "Fourteenth Five -Year" period,Shu Road Transportation Service Group will seize the transportation of a strong country of transportation、Energy transformation and upgrade、"Carbon Dafeng、Carbon neutralization "、Construction of Shuangcheng Economic Circle in Chengdu -Chongqing area、Village revitalization and other major strategic opportunities,In -depth implementation of Shu Dao Group "1346"、Company "12345" development strategy and "networking、Create chain,Internal connection、outer Explosion "business ideas,Organic 2024 European Cup Online Football Bettingintegration into the Shuao Group with the "three -chain closed loop" and "five network integration" as a comprehensive transportation service ecosystem,Adhere to the "horizontal layout、vertical supplement chain ",Efforts to strengthen the scale of energy business,Optimized industrial structure,Make up the industrial chain,Innovation management system,Continuous optimization "Equipment R & D and production、Site investment construction、Operation Management "integrated mechanism,Accelerate the formation of "one net",Person in refined Bet on today's European Cup matchesoil、Clean Energy、Energy and Equipment Industry Chain,Consolidate wisdom empowerment、brand lifting、Management efficiency、The four major development foundations at the bottom,Realize "Diversity of Energy Supply,Refined energy services "。