Shu Road Transportation Service Group Co., Ltd.

Shu Road Transportation Service Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Shu Road Transportation Service Today's European Cup football scheduleGroup") is the second -level subsidiary group of Shudao Investment Group Co., Ltd. ("Shu Dao Group"),Taking the former Sichuan Communications Industrial Co., Ltd. as the main body,Establish a professional integration method,Unveiled on November 30, 2021。

Shu Road Transportation Service Group Focus on Modern Transportation Services Leading Industry,Business cover comprehensive energy、Comprehensive business development and operation along the line、Equipment manufacturing service、Four sections of advertising Bet on today's European Cup matchesmedia,"Demonstration Window" for building Shu Dao Group's service image、"Incubation Center" of Luyan Economy、The "Volleyball Soldiers" of Reform and Innovation and the "Shengli Army" with the rapid growth of profits。

As a "Double Hundred Actions" enterprise as a state -owned enterprise reform as the State Council,"Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" period,Shu Road Transportation Service Group will anchor the goal of "building a leading modern transportation 2024 European Cup Football Websiteservice company in China",Adhere to market -oriented orientation,Constantly promoting resource allocation more efficient、The industrial structure is more reasonable、Business benefits are more significant,It is expected to be 2025,Strive to achieve the total assets exceeding 15 billion yuan,Annual business income exceeds 15 billion yuan,The total profit of the annual profit exceeds 1.5 billion yuan,To promote the governance of Shu 2024 European Cup Football WebsiteXingchuan to go to a new level、Comprehensively building socialist modernization Sichuan made new and greater contributions。


Unveiled on November 30


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