Do the business comprehensive development and operation business along the long line,Building Luyan Commercial Business Service Network

  • 89 seat

    89 seats in the highway service area of ​​the camp

  • 127 seat

    Pack 127 convenience stores

  • 1 Home

    Hotel 1

  • Relying on Shu Dao Group Expressway、Railway Road Network Resources,Based on the characteristics of operating and functional service areas, classification 2024 European Cup Football Websitemanagement of service areas,Innovative "Service Area+" mode,Planning and design of optimized service area、Investment construction、Platform operation and comprehensive management,Promote the integrated development of the "Investment and Financing Construction Management Camp"; focus on relying on the "Three Great Road Economic Corridor" (Charming 318 Tourism Corridor、Colorful Shu Road Cultural Experience Corridor、Sichuan -Chongqing characteristic industry style corridor),Create theme demonstration、Featured and Boutique Service Area,Digging the operating potential of the service area,Consolidate the foundation foundation of external expansion; use the operational advantage of the service area、Resource advantage、Brand advantage,Expansion of the Railway Farm Station in Shu Road Group、Commercial Real Estate、Business business in the project,Leves retail formats such as supermarkets and new hotel chain business models,Realization of production、Wholesale of living materials、Delivery、Storage、Retail one -stop operation,Promote the operation network of the 2024 European Cup Football Websitehighway service area to the road、The transformation of integrated commercial industries along the railway and the road chain,Promote the flow of people in the service area、traffic、Logistics、Information flow interconnection。