Release Date 2024-05-21

Source of information:Shujiao New Energy Company

Shujiao New Energy Company organizes Today's European Cup football schedulefront -line employees to carry out integrity education

To continuously strengthen the consciousness of integrity of front -line personnel,Continuously creating an atmosphere of the wind and the right,5month16Day, Sichuan Shujiao New Energy Company Organize Baziao Service ArealngThe managers of the gas station have 2024 European Cup Online Football Bettingcarried out integrity education,Consolidate the effectiveness of integrity training before the early stage

This integrity education,It notified the four typical problems of eating and drinking in violation of regulations publicly exposed by the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection,and re -convey the relevant provisions of the superior、Learn again、Requirement。Middle -aged and middle -aged employees based on the Today's European Cup football schedulefirst -line station managers accounted for a large situation,The company organizes a targeted manner to watch the warning education film "The 90th Cadre of the Youth","Round the alarm clock" with a more closer to daily cases,Make integrity education more into the mind。

Company emphasized,Station managers should lead by example、Under the above rate,While doing integrity and self -discipline,Education、Guide the majority of Today's European Cup football schedulefront -line employees to firmly establish discipline consciousness、Rules Consciousness,Strictly keep the bottom line、Not more "red line",Keep a close cooperative relationship with the gas source supplier,Strict performance、Regulations,Eliminates any form of violations of regulations and discipline and violations,Help the company's smooth, orderly and good development。