Release Date 2024-05-11

Source of information:2024 European Cup Online Football BettingPetroChina Iron Investment Company

Shujiao CNPC、CNPC Investment Company conducts a special training of integrity employment

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Combined with party discipline learning and education arrangements,May 9,Shujiao CNPC、CNPC Investment Company Bet on today's European Cup matchesjointly carried out the special training of integrity industry。Shujiao CNPC Party Secretary、Chairman,Secretary of the Party Branch of PetroChina Railway Investment Company、Chairman Liu Heng presided over the training meeting,Members of the leadership team of the two companies、Mid -level managers and district managers participated in training。

Liu Heng emphasized,2024 European Cup Online Football BettingAll party members and cadres need to tree thinking,The first buckle of the integrity and career,"steering wheel"、It is a good integrity "seat belt",Clear and pure people、Clean and clean,Always be clear、Self -positive、yourself hard,There is a ring in my heart、There is a ring in my heart,Make positive contributions to the company's high -quality development。

Chen Today's European Cup football scheduleYuanming, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Shujiao CNPC conducts training and counseling,Universal misunderstanding from state -owned enterprises to govern the party、The most touching bottom line and red line in the field of state -owned enterprises、The most prominent corruption problems in the field of state -owned enterprises and ten golden keys that are eternal and honest。