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Integrity and self -discipline, refusal corruption and anti -changes

Shujiao Shuyue Company carried out managers' integrity education training
Upload time:2024-05-09 Source of information:Shujiao Shuyue Company

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Standing the heart first,Standing the heart first。To further strengthen management personnel awareness of integrity,Effectively improve the immunity of anti -corruption and anti 2024 European Cup live score results betting-changes,​​Fastening Hygainstormation "First Dot",May 7,Shujiao Shuyue Company Organization Middle levels and general managers carry out a special training for integrity employment。

Member of the Party Branch of the Company、Discipline Inspection Commissioner、Chairman of the Trade Union Chen Yuanming uses style construction and anti -corruption as the starting point,Universal misunderstandings from state -owned enterprises and governing the party、The most touching bottom line in the field of state -owned enterprises、The 2024 European Cup live score results bettingmost prominent problem of corruption in the field of state -owned enterprises、Four aspects of "Golden Key", which is eternal and honest, explained in detail,Remind everyone to keep the discipline,"Do not do it with evil",Keeping the bottom line of integrity。

Carry out integrity education training,Not only the requirements for implementing party discipline learning and education,It is also the "string" of educational cadres and employees who are always tight and honest.,Do not step on "Red Line"、Normal work of not "bottom Bet on today's European Cup matchesline"。Next step,The company will continue to strengthen the construction of integrity culture,Education and guide employees to improve their self -restraint,Prevent micro -Du Jie、Alarm bell long ringing,Effective awe of knowledge、Starting fear、Keep the bottom line。At the same time,Constantly improve and improve the company's internal management mechanism,Strengthen internal control、Contract management、Key links such as risk management and control,Create the wind and clear the air、A good atmosphere 2024 European Cup live score results bettingof Chongqing and Consumers,Promote the company's high -quality development。