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Which situations should be punished from weight or aggravated


Regulations on the Regulations of the Communist Party of China,Disciplinary 2024 European Cup live score results bettingreview has one of the following behaviors,Should be punished from heavy or aggravated:

(1) Forced and instigated others to violate discipline.

"Forced others to violate discipline",It means that when the forced party members have no disciplinary subjective intention,,Violation of its will,Adopting stress and other means to force it to violate discipline。

"Institute others to violate discipline",refers to instability、Recruitment、Instructed other party members to violate discipline。

(2) Can't refuse to pay or refund the income of disciplinary violations.

(3) After the disciplinary violations are punished, they should be punished by the party discipline due to intentional disciplinary。

This is the commonly referred to as "re -of -crime",Refers to party members after being punished by party discipline and government affairs due to disciplinary violations,Once again implemented the intentional violation of disciplinary violations that should 2024 European Cup Online Football Bettingbe punished by party discipline。

(4) After the disciplinary violations are punished,Other issues that should。

This is the commonly referred to as "omissions"。Conditions that constitute omissions,It mainly includes the following three: First, what the party member violated the disciplinary party's previous time is the party discipline sanction other than expel the party,or government affairs punishment; second, the illegal disciplinary behavior must be discovered after the punishment is 2024 European Cup live score results bettingdetermined; the third is that the illegal disciplinary behavior must be implemented before the decision to take effect。

After being punished, party members were discovered and discovered that the disciplinary behavior that had not been explained before,Explain that it is organized during the preceding review period,Absent to the party、Not honest,No truthful disciplinary issues that should be punished by party disciplinary sanctions without truthfully to the organization,Must be severely punished。

(5) Other loose or aggravated sanctions stipulated in the party regulations in the party。