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Release Date 2024-05-10

Source of information:Shu Dao Media Company

& ldquo; Hongxin Shu Daoyi & rdquo; Party building brand Tianfu Airport East Service Area demonstration project won the ninth Golden Scenario Marketing Case Silver Award




Recently,2024 National Enterprise Marketing Exchange Conference and Golden Scenario Marketing Gold Award Final Audit Meeting will be held in Shanghai,The person in charge of 32 well -known media institutions across the country、Industry experts attend this event。2024 European Cup Online Football BettingShu Dao Media Corporation created and declared the "Red Heart Shu Road" party building brand Tianfu Airport East Service Area demonstration project,From 12 scenes、500 cases of solicitation cases stand out,Winning the Silver Award of the Contest (other categories),It is also the only award -winning "traffic+party building" fusion media marketing project。

"Red Heart Shu Daoyi" party building brand is one of the sub -brands of the Shudao Group's party building brand "Shu Daohong"。The brand focuses on serving the "warm harbor"、The strong "Red Fortress" and the three positioning of the "Beautiful Business Card" that fully shows the Shu Road style,Actively practice "Travel and Establishment、2024 European Cup Online Football BettingThe environment is comfortable、Care warm heart、Product rest assured、Convenience to worry "" Five Hearts "concept,Deepen the use of "party building+service" mode,Solid promotion of highway service management level upgrade,To better meet the people's good travel needs。For brand positioning,Shu Dao Media Company is creating a project stage,Select the traffic dense、New energy charging pile with high degree of attention、gas stations and other areas,Bouncing with "Landscape Display+Advertising Propaganda",Set theme park、Exhibition Office、Service Station、Promotion Bar、Propaganda slogans and other facilities,Carefully create "regional attribute、Industry common、2024 European Cup Online Football BettingService Features "marketing scene,Fully shows the spiritual connotation of the "Red Heart Shu Daoyi" brand。In addition,It also combines the functional positioning of the "Window of Chengdu -Chongqing" in the Tianfu Airport East Service Area,The red party building element that is specially integrated into Sichuan -Chongqing in content and design,Following the characteristics of the regional characteristics of the service area。

This project was completed after a month,It's a period of a large period of traffic in the Spring Festival.。Display through field interviews and professional institutions survey results,"Red Heart Shu Daoyi" party building brand Tianfu Airport East Service Area Demonstration Point arrives 2024 European Cup Online Football Bettingat 92%,The number of effective interaction reaches 70,000 people,Two -time communication 15,000 people,Sales conversion rate reaches 20%。It has a significant role in promoting the popularity and reputation of the Sichuan service area in an all -round way,And it is conducive to deepening the brand cognition of travel consumers for "Red Heart Shu Daoyi"。

In recent years,Shu Dao Media Company focuses on focusing on the construction and development of highway media in the province,Integration of advertising resources along the road network、New media mode Construction、Continuous exploration in the field of media economy and other areas,Quickly transform and build an advertisement、2024 European Cup Football WebsiteCulture、Three main business systems for transportation。At the same time,Company deeply excavate the cultural connotation and value of Shu Road traffic,Shaping in the party building brand、The construction of party members' cultural and educational positions has achieved positive results。