Release Date 2024-05-09

Source of information:Shujiao New Energy Company

Shujiao New Energy Company Party Branch Carrying out the theme of party history of party history

To promote the normalization of party history learning and education,April 29,Sichuan Shujiao New Energy Company Party Branch organizes to carry out the theme of party history of party history,All party members of the company、Cadres participate in the event。

The event conveyed the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech during the inspection of Chongqing and the spirit of the important speech at the promotion of the Bet on today's European Cup matcheswestern development symposium in the new era,Organize all staff to watch the "Party History Enlightenment Future" series "Sudu Chishui"。

Qin Yong, secretary of the company's party branch, pointed out,Looking back on the battle of Zidu Chishui,It is not just to understand its background、Passing、meaning,It is also necessary to combine this battle with the severe situation faced by the new energy company today,Qin Yong emphasized、Inspiration。Qin Yong emphasized,To Bet on today's European Cup matchesstrengthen the awareness of crisis。All staff should be soberly realized that the company's current development difficulties and challenges,To establish a consciousness of survival、Strengthening the awareness of crisis,Analysis of the situation、Find a position,Make some targeted。To strengthen unity consciousness。All members of the company must resolutely eliminate the idea of ​​"waiting for",Unity、Study forward,On the basis of conscientiously Bet on today's European Cup matchescompleting this job,Baggle widely、Active forgiveness,Power Market、Find a project,Discover opportunities in the predicament、Seize opportunities。To strengthen the spirit of the struggle。Faced with difficult tasks and many difficulties,How to "solve" difficulties、"Breaking" Dohaies,Need all party members of the company、Cadres and employees are not afraid of difficulties、Courage to fight,Open in Fengshan、Encountering water stalls,Fighting 2024 European Cup live score results bettingall difficulties and dangers,Help the company to achieve high -quality development。