Release Date 2024-05-27

Today's European Cup football scheduleSource of information:Shu Road Service Area Company

Shu Tao Service Area Company Yanting Service Area rescue the sick driver was praised


May 22,Shu Tao Service Area Company Yanting Service Bet on today's European Cup matchesArea Inflowing Heart Heart -warm Rescue Driver was praised。

At about 12 noon that day,The administrator of the service area found in daily inspections and found a person with a person with a painful look,Hand -supported waist,Can't move by yourself。The administrator immediately stepped forward to help it to the rest area,and send him hot water,Ask the physical condition at the same time。

Learn,Driver Mr. Su suddenly occurred due to kidney stones,Pain is unbearable,Unable to continue driving。To give Mr. Su for treatment as soon as possible,Administrators quickly communicate with multi -party departments,The final agreed to open the channel by a high -speed traffic police,Mr. Su was urgently sent to a hospital near Yanting County for treatment。

During 2024 European Cup Online Football Bettingthe entire rescue process,The administrator accompanies the whole process,Activating Mr. Su's emotions,Contact its family while contacting their families,Also assists to go through the procedures for registration,Mr. Su finally received timely treatment,His family members and medical staff expressed high praise for the timely assistance and intimate service of administrators。