Head of the Third Party Branch of the Head of the Third Party Branch launched the theme party day event scene of

May 22,The Third Party Branch of Shu 2024 European Cup Online Football BettingRoad Transportation Service Group's Head of the Division to carry 2024 European Cup live score results bettingout the theme party day of the theme party day of the "discipline and law",Member of the Party Committee of the Company、Vice Chairman Xie Li participated in the event as an ordinary party member。

In the event,The branch secretary conveyed and learned the spirit of the important instructions made by General Secretary Xi Jinping on the collapse disaster in the Chaoyang section of Meizhou High Speed ​​in Meizhou City, 2024 European Cup live score results bettingGuangdong、The spirit of the fifth plenary session of the 12th session of the Provincial Party Committee,I preached the "The People's Republic of China Conservative State Secret Law"。Subsequent,All party members of the branch studied the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China" and conducted exchanges and discussions。Party members have said,By the original book、Learning 2024 European Cup Football Websiteactivity of verbatim and sentences,A more comprehensive and profound understanding of the Regulations,In the future work、In life, I consciously engraved the discipline of iron in my mind、reflected in action,Really achieved discipline、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji。

On the scene, the branch's activists were listed as the development target for the development object.、Party member、Opinions of the masses。