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May 24,Shu Road Traffic Services Group and Luding County Library "Shu Daoyi Shuxiang Station" new reading space jointly opened in the Luding service 2024 European Cup Football Websitedistrict's rule of law propaganda education base,This is another innovative service scenario after building a law service with Luding Xinhua Bookstores.,It is also the first new reading space built in the province。

New reading space as a library a public welfare borrowing project aims to promote the reading of the whole people,Create "Love Reading、Read a good book、Reading Social Fashion。"Shu Daoyi Shi Xiang Station" selected in the base protection propaganda 2024 European Cup Online Football Bettingarea of ​​the base,The area of ​​this area is spacious,Fuffed light,There are facilities such as seats and bookcases that are convenient for reading,Provided a comfortable and warm reading environment for travelers。Everyone can read on the spot,You can also borrow books for free after completing the library by mobile phone,After reading it, send it back to the book to return the book。Next,Except for rich live books,"Shu Daoyi Shuxiang Station" will also add e -book Bet on today's European Cup matchesscan code reading、Constantly improving service points for reading activities such as irregular reading activities,Strengthen interactive communication with travelers,When improving the quality of high -speed services, creating the "Shu Daoyi" cultural ecosystem。

Next,The company will give full play to the leading role of the Luding service 2024 European Cup Football Websitedistrict's rule of law publicity education base,Keep exploring and excavating new service scenarios,and gradually apply the new scene to Bet on today's European Cup matchesother service areas in the province,Contribute Shu Road for the construction of a strong cultural province。