Release Date 2024-05-21

Source of information:Ministry of Safety and Environmental Quality Department

Shu Road Transportation Service Group's supervision team went to the front line to carry out the major investigation of geological disasters in the flood season.

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May 14-17,Member of the Party Committee of Shu Road Transportation Service Group、Deputy Chairman Xie Li,Member Today's European Cup football scheduleof the Party Committee、Deputy General Manager Cai Jinzhong,Member of the Party Committee、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Qiang Xinglin,Deputy General Manager Deng Chengxing led the team to West Sichuan、Sichuan North、Chuandong、Panxi Regional Service Area、gas station,Carrying out the special supervision of major investigation of geological disasters during the flood season。

The supervision team goes deep into the sky、Luding、Xin'an、Mian、Taoping and other more than 30 gas stations、Service area and projects under construction,Check the hidden dangers of geological disasters for investigation and treatment、Flood prevention and disaster reduction measures formulation and implementation,Understand 2024 European Cup live score results bettingthe daily inspection of the site、Dating on duty and recent passenger flow trading、oil reserve、Weather changes,And on -site questions and double -blind exercises and other methods of the emergency response mechanism on the spot and the familiarity of the personnel emergency knowledge。

The supervision team emphasizes,One must adhere to the bottom line thinking,Correct work responsibility。The spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's instructions on disaster prevention, mitigation, disaster and relief at all levels,Deeply draw on the lessons of the collapse of Meilong high -speed roads,Pressing the responsibility of actual safe production,2024 European Cup live score results bettingRigid implementation of safety prevention and emergency response measures in the flood season,Make sure to be safe for flood。Second, strict hidden danger investigation,Resolutely closed loop rectification。Strengthen key points and key areas with targeted manners、Key link inspection inspection,Increase the frequency of inspection,Strongly carry out the hidden dangers of risks during the flood season,Implement the management of the various hidden dangers of the detected problems,Strict closed -loop management。Third, strengthen monitoring and early warning,Do a good job of disaster prevention。Combined with the deployment of flood control work 2024 European Cup Football Websiteat all levels,Specific implementation measures for targeted formulation,Especially Mianyu、Tao Ping and Luding and other key attention sites must improve the monitoring and inspection mechanism,Multi -channel strengthening risk warning,Do a good job of disaster prevention in advance。Fourth to strengthen emergency management,Prepare emergency preparations。Combined with the experience of flood prevention and current meteorological situation in the past years,Optimize and improve the plan system,Strictly implement the requirements of duty on duty,Update to make up for flood control materials,Give full play to the effectiveness of Today's European Cup football schedulejoint defense and control mechanism,Carry out joint defense joint control exercises,Improve emergency response ability。

Shu Road Transportation Service Group Safety and Environmental Quality Department、Business Construction Center、Risk Control Law Audit Center and Shujiao Energy Company、The relevant comrades of the Shu Dao service area company participated in supervision。